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Report on Corporate and Social Responsibility

Together with community


Twenty years of passion for communications – in socially responsible manner

In 2017, Telekom Srbija marked the 20th anniversary of its operation by staging a corporate drive entitled Twenty Years of Passion for Communications. The Company's commitment and devotion to seeking and promoting new ways of connection on the telecommunications market, which changes day in day out, were the basic ideas that determined the tone of the campaign. During its twenty years of operation, Telekom Srbija has always acted with the care of a prudent business entity in the environment within which it operates; investments in the community and its members have always been one of its most important business priorities. Corporate social responsibility, an ethical approach to all stakeholders, good will and resolve in addressing social issues, are the principles that the Company has been guided by to this very day.

In the framework of the Company's socially responsible activities over the past period, emphasis was laid on investments in education, which has a particularly important place in the strategy in this sphere and is its priority. In the course of 2017, Telekom Srbija backed 45 projects that in some way support education, investing as much as one-third of the total funds intended for launching programmes or supporting different partner projects. As one of the most significant projects in that domain whereby the 20th anniversary was marked, the Company launched a long-term project entitled We Create Knowledge. The project envisages the fitting out of 20 classrooms with computers, whereas state-of-the-art equipment intended for informatics classes was presented to twenty primary schools in Serbia, from Bački Brestovac to Kosovska Mitrovica. This initiative of Telekom Srbija’s is all the more important in the context of the decision that informatics is to become a mandatory subject in primary school as of this year.

Apart from formal, Telekom Srbija also encourages the development of informal education through competitions, vocational training, personalized trainings and organization of camps. The networking of young talents, cooperation and links among them lay a fertile ground for the development of new generations. The Company invests in them today in order for them to become the champions of new and better social changes tomorrow. We are endeavouring to make it easier for them to acquire fresh knowledge and to feel our stable support, for we believe this could be crucial for their development.   

Apart from the mts app competition, regional competition in the development of mobile applications,  mts start-up acceleration project intended for technological entrepreneurs, and the Tesla’s Time Machine digital 4D screening about the renowned scientist, the Company also implemented a string of other activities in the fields of culture, science, healthcare and social welfare. Our efforts were acknowledged with a series of awards for our corporate social responsibility, the most important being the Virtus award for long-term partnership with the non-for-profit industry.

"We Create Knowledge – asset for future"

To mark the 20th anniversary of its operation, Telekom Srbija launched a project entitled We Create Knowledge, which was implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. Within the project, 20 computer classrooms in 20 primary schools were equipped, whereby pupils across Serbia were provided with state-of-the-art conditions for studying and professional advancement.

By fitting out computer classrooms in Serbian primary schools in the year that marks the important anniversary, the Company aimed to lay additional emphasis on the importance of computer literacy for children's development in Serbia. In line with the plans of the Ministry of Education to ensure that informatics be a mandatory subject in primary schools, Telekom Srbija endeavours to facilitate the process by donating computer equipment to the neediest schools.

For the needs of the project, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development put up 40 schools that lack information equipment. The decision on the final selection of schools where the project was to be implemented was reached by citizens at a competition conducted on the official Facebook page mts Tvoj Svet. The schools were divided into four geographic areas and Facebook users could vote for one school in each geographic area every day during the drive. Five schools from each area were selected in order for the prizes to be evenly distributed by territory. The vote spanned two weeks and judging by the number of votes, comments and shares, it could be said that the interest was great because the teachers, parents and fellow citizens wished to make their own contribution by voting for their favourites.

By presenting computers and the accompanying equipment to the computer classroom in Karas Karolina primary school in the town of Horgoš, Telekom Srbija launched the implementation of the We Create Knowledge project. Apart from Karas Karolina primary school, Telekom Srbija also allocated funds for fitting out computer classrooms to the following schools: Branko Radičević primary school of Savino Selo, Žarko Zrenjanin primary school of Izbište, Nikola Tesla primary school of Bački Brestovac, Žarko Zrenjanin primary school of Apatin, Bata Bulić primary school of Petrovac na Mlavi, Nikola Tesla primary school of Vinča, Belgrade, Stevan Sremac primary school of Borča, Andra Savčić primary school of Valjevo, Mara Janković primary school of Kusić, Velimir Markićević primary school of Majdanpek, 9. Srpska Brigada primary school of Boljevac, Đura Jakšić primary school of Zaječar, 8. septembar primary school of Pirot, Dositej Obradović primary school of Kosovska Mitrovica, Nada Matić primary school of Užice, Dimitrije Tucović primary school of Kraljevo, Milinko Kušić primary school of Ivanjica, Sveti Sava primary school of Batočina and Vuk Karadžić primary school of Knić.

„“Traditionally, Telekom Srbija has paid great attention to education as one of the most important aspects of the society it is operating in. In line with this commitment, to mark the 20th anniversary of the Company, we decided to allocate substantial funds for schooling, thus continuing to invest in the promotion of our education system. Thereby, we provide better conditions for teachers to share their knowledge in the most innovative and creative manner and for pupils to study more easily and achieve outstanding results”, Telekom Srbija CEO Predrag Ćulibrk.

“Informatics brings the world of programming closer to pupils in a creative manner, and also lays a sound groundwork for later education. Next year, we shall do the same with sixth graders, then with seven graders, and so on….At the same time, we shall make more room for gifted high school students, increase the quotas at faculties, and conduct retraining courses. All of this is aimed at developing pupils’ digital skills so as to increase the number of IT professionals and keep pace with the fourth technological revolution”, Minister of Science, Education and Technological Development Mladen Šarčević

"Tesla's Time Machine lights up European capitals“

The artistic project Tesla's Time Machine, by which Telekom Srbija, in 2016, marked the 160th anniversary of birth of one of the most famous scientists of all times, Nikola Tesla, was for the first time shown outside the region, in Vienna and Berlin. After noticeable guest performances in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where exceptional 4D projections about Tesla were shown on central city squares, the European audience had the chance to be “personally” addressed by Tesla and hear from him the story of his childhood, his scientific work and philanthropic ideas.

At the end of September, the m:tel Austria company, which operates within the Telekom Srbija group, allowed the citizens and visitors of Vienna to see a spectacular 4D projection about the ingenious innovator Nikola Tesla. On this occasion, the facade of the Technical University on Karlsplatz was used by the young artist Dušan Jovović as a canvas on which he skilfully “painted” and presented the life and work of Nikola Tesla through this audio-visual spectacle.

The Vienna show had a special symbolic meaning because, although Tesla had never visited Vienna, he had been recognized and appreciated in the Austrian capital. The Technical University in Vienna, on whose facade the projection was shown, had granted him an honorary PhD in 1908, which confirms the fact that Tesla's work had been very much respected by his Viennese colleagues during his lifetime. Before the projection, the Telekom Srbija CEO received the facsimile of Nikola Tesla's telegram in which the famous scientist thanked the university for the title he had been awarded.

After Vienna, Tesla's Time Machine was taken to the German capital where it was a special guest of the Berlin Festival of Lights, which attracts the attention of millions of visitors every year. The unusual life story of the Serbian scientist was displayed on the walls of the famous Haus Huth building, on Potsdamer Platz.

On 40 locations in the German capital, artists from all over the world presented their artistic expression through projections on the facades of various buildings. The German audience recognized the uniqueness of Tesla's Time Machine, which apart from the visual and musical, has a strong narrative and dramatic moment because it “tells” a story about Tesla's life and development.

Another confirmation of the quality of this project, Tesla's Time Machine was the award for the best regional project Balcannes 2017 that it received at the tenth Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj.

“The Festival of Lights was established 13 years ago and every October we light up Berlin which becomes a large stage, while the buildings and monuments become the main actors. Over two million visitors enjoy the light installations during the festival. I am very glad that Serbia has participated in the Festival for the first time and I am delighted by Tesla’s Time Machine just like the numerous visitors on whose faces you can also see positive reactions. This is a unique opportunity for them to become acquainted with the life and work of Nikola Tesla. It is wonderful that Telekom Srbija has implemented this project, thus showing its support for science, and at the same time allowing young artists to present their creative works”, said Birgit Zander, the director of the Berlin Festival of Lights.

"Accelerator for technological entrepreneurship development"

The good results of the previous cycle of mts startup acceleration, when three startups divided the pecuniary incentive in the amount of EUR 20,000, made the company once again join forces with the partner organization SEE ICT in order to help young technological entrepreneurs develop their business idea. In this way, the new ten teams will be able to compete for pecuniary incentives, tutor support and an opportunity to promote their product on other markets at the very beginning of the development of their own innovative solution, when support to startups is most important.

The mts startup acceleration program is intended for participants of the Startup academy, a three-month educational program which has been organized by SEE ICT, an association which specializes in the promotion of entrepreneurship in the IT sector, for as long as five years. During the program, the ten selected teams will develop their business ideas with the support of successful entrepreneurs and experts, solving concrete programs from the development of products and customer base, the way of marketing products and responding to various legal and other challenges. The Startup academy is considered to be one of the best programs in this sphere in Serbia. In the previous five generations of the Academy, over 100 entrepreneurs have secured investments worth 2 million euros and the companies that they founded have generated revenues exceeding 10 million euros.

One or maximum three teams, which, according to the jury, have most chances to develop their business idea will receive a pecuniary incentive and mts services free of charge – optical access to the Internet and a cloud server. The five-member jury is made up of representatives of Telekom Srbija, the SEE ICT association and three entrepreneurs with several years of experience. The jury assesses the ability of a team to develop their business idea, innovativeness and uniqueness of their solution, and the strategic approach to the development of products. In the previous cycle, the incentive was granted to the Balloonera, AddTag and Cactomain teams.

In the year which was declared a turning point in the process of digital transformation of the economy and society, Telekom Srbija in cooperation with its partners tries to additionally encourage the development of technological entrepreneurship and the startup community in Serbia. The launching of the mts startup acceleration program is part of a wider strategy of the company to, in the sphere of business operations, work on improving the conditions for all participants in this complex ecosystem – from state and educational institutions and business partners to young entrepreneurs who are only just starting to launch their own business.

"mts app competition"

Telekom Srbija has been successfully organizing the mts app competition for the creation of applications for mobile devices since 2011, with an aim improve the process of acquiring knowledge and encourage the development of entrepreneurial spirit and cooperation among young people through connecting with the core activity of the company.

As compared with the beginning of the project, when the competition was intended for students of the Mathematical High School in Belgrade and related to applications in the Android™ operating system, the current mts app competition now includes a larger number of high schools in Serbia and the creation of applications in both Android™ and iOS.

The participants in the seventh mts app competition, which was published in October 2017, are students of high schools in Senta, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Valjevo, Kragujevac, Niš, Kraljevo, Sremska Mitrovica, Šabac, Požega and Jagodina studying according to the program for talents in the sphere of mathematics, information technology and computer science.

Also, since 2017, after the success that it recorded in Serbia, the competition has also been implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro according to the same rules, in the organization of m:tel Banjaluka and m:tel Podgorica. Teams of students compete first in the national finals, with peers from their own country, and if their application is among the best five applications, they gain the right to compete in the Regional App Challenge against student tems from the region. On both competition levels – national and regional finals – the jury values the idea, the complexity of the solution and its innovativeness, while the applications that have social benefits and contribute to the development of some of the mts services have a special advantage.

The competition attracted the attention of expert public and, at the beginning of 2017, at the invitation of the Mathematical Society of Serbia, the mts app competition was presented at a seminar organized for the professors of mathematics and information technology in elementary and secondary schools in Serbia. A presentation of the competition for students was organized after the publishing of the 7th competition cycle and it allowed future participants to better prepare for participation and become acquainted with the expectations, conditions and rules of the competition.

The mts app competition as an example of good practice of cooperation and support to young people has been included in the selection of the European organization for social responsibility - CSR Europe.

“I am very glad that the students of the Computer Science High School in Belgrade are part of the mts app competition. Modern technologies and trends in the world of information technology and mobile telephony change very quickly and significantly influence all segments of life. This competition develops in students a desire to become acquainted with the new spheres through practical work on projects. Through the process of creating applications for mobile devices, students express their creativity, become familiar with all the steps necessary for implementing a serious project and thus improve their knowledge”, Branislav Đurđevac, the director of the Computer Science High School in Belgrade.

"Support to informal education"

Having in mind that apart from the knowledge which is acquired in educational institutions, it is very important that young people develop additional abilities and skills in the process of education, Telekom Srbija has for several years been cooperating with student organizations, including ESTIEM, on one of the annual projects of this organization called Modern Management Academy. Within the Academy, lectures and workshops are organized which are conducted by employees in the company who try to convey to students the knowledge and experience from the business environment.

One of the especially important skills that should be developed in high school students is the entrepreneurial way of thinking. For this purpose, appropriate programs in Serbia are applied by the Youth Achievement organization, a global network present in a large number of countries in the world. Telekom Srbija has for a number of years been supporting one of the programs of this organization entitled The Business Challenge, providing active participation of company employers as lecturers at the seminars and events of this organization.

Through long-term cooperation with the Mathematical High School in Belgrade, as a school of national importance, the company supports the development of young talents by providing their training and participation in competitions and mathematical olympics in the country and abroad.

Thanks to the support of Telekom Srbija, a Mathematical Summer Camp has for several years been held in Šabac and in the village of Tulba near Požarevac, gathering young talents who want to acquire knowledge in an informal environment.

Aware of the value of knowledge and the application of new technologies in education, Telekom Srbija, apart from emphasizing these values through its own projects, also supports big partner projects in the sphere of social responsibility, the aim of which is the improvement of knowledge. One of these projects is the Struggle for Knowledge project conducted by B92 Fund through which Telekom Srbija made it possible for six schools in Serbia to get robots which pupils will use in classes.

Apart from the expansion of knowledge in the sphere of information and communication technologies, the knowledge of tradition and history of the people is an important segment in the educational process of young people. With this knowledge, the company decided to support the project called In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors which is implemented by the publishing company of the Serbian Orthodox Church, St. Sava's Little Bell. Telekom Srbija allowed the development of this unique conceptual project, which in an educational and practical way deals with the topic of tradition, language, script, culture and the Orthodox faith, with a special emphasis on the historical period of the First World War and the Serbian army's stay in Corfu.

Company employees who work on the internal programs of education and professional training are open and ready to share and convey their knowledge and experience to others. This can be done at the seminars of student organizations, employment fairs or organized training of organizations and associations with which Telekom Srbija cooperates. One of such opportunities was The Academy of Business Skills which is organized by the Forum for Responsible Operations.

"Vocational training“

During 2017, Telekom Srbija provided for the implementation of the mandatory vocational training for 113 students of Belgrade University and several higher education institutions offering them an opportunity to gain experience by familiarizing with the processes within the Company.

Telekom Srbija and the Career Development Centre in Belgrade have maintained long-standing successful cooperation in organizing vocational training programmes for the students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Likewise, in the course of 2017, the implementation of vocational training for 16 students of ICT College of Vocational Studies, and vocational training for 27 students as per personal request, was ensured.

To support the students in playing an active part in career development, Telekom Srbija, in cooperation with the Centre for Career Development, participated in the Career Chat, an informal meeting of students and representatives of the companies where in direct contact, the students could obtain important information about the conditions for acquiring work experience and advice for career development. The Company also participated in the Fair of Jobs and Trainings entitled Transport and Traffic Business Days held at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and the JOBfair at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

"Investment in health care and social welfare“

As a national company operating in the entire country, Telekom Srbija tries to secure better availability and better conditions of treatment for a large number of citizens by the donation of funds to health care institutions, and help vulnerable groups and those who need help most with its support.

We helped the Institute for Oncology and Radiology by the procurement of reagents necessary for testing the genetic markers in patients with malignant diseases of prostate and a basic plate for the linear accelerator for radiation therapy; for the General Hospital St. Lucas Smederevo we provided part of the funds for the purchase of a set of laparoscopic instruments; we enabled the purchase of a laminar chamber for the dissolution of cytostatics for the General Hospital in Požarevac, and we donated funds for the procurement of an ultrasound device to the General Hospital in Pančevo for the needs of the departments of cardiology and orthopaedics. The donations for the purpose of improving health care conditions were also granted to the Clinical Hospital Centre Zvezdara, the General Hospital Dr Aleksa Savić from Prokuplje and the Health Care Centre in Kikinda.

By investing in the community, we try to strengthen vulnerable groups, so we provided support to the Association of Women Diagnosed and Treated for Breast Cancer “Be Together” and “Belhospice”; we helped the humanitarian organization “Friend in Need” to organize the rehabilitation of children treated for malignant diseases, and we made it possible for the sports recreational association of disabled persons “Everything is Possible” to organize an International Drina Regatta for disabled persons.

Our support was traditionally granted to the Centre for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth, the Institute for the Upbringing of Children and Youth, the Institute for Children and Youth Sremčica, the Milica Rakić Fund from Batajnica and the Association for Aiding Mentally Challenged Persons in Ruma. We made it possible for the Centre for Improvement of Society to implement a project for the education of children from three homes for children without parental care for a quality independent life after leaving the homes, and we continued cooperation with the Liceulice association offering psychological and social support to marginalized groups through their inclusion in the magazine's distribution network.

"Support for tradition and contemporary cultural trends “

Telekom Srbija is continually investing in the fostering of our tradition, but it also supports and develops projects that popularize new technologies and media in artistic expression. Together with the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Mathematics Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts we have signed a Cooperation Agreement with the aim of digitalizing our cultural heritage and contemporary creativity. The digitalization of cultural heritage will contribute to a greater availability of cultural content and improved presentation of our heritage to both domestic and international public.

Given that state-of-the-art technologies and communications have never been closer to the culture of everyday life within which contemporary life operates, and that contemporary artists are using new technologies in their work, we have established cooperation with the New Media Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts by donating valuable teaching aids to enhance classroom instruction and establishing an award for the best student work at the Department. Anđelija Ranđelov, a student of this Faculty, is the first recipient of Telekom Srbija's pecuniary award for her work entitled The Unique Identity of a Work of Art. The award contributing to the affirmation of artistic practices which explore new forms of communications and new social patterns, is awarded in the year when the Faculty marks its 80th anniversary.

Apart from pointing to new artists, we also recalled those who had made their immeasurable contribution to our culture by supporting the exhibitions on Petar Lubarda and Paja Jovanović in the Jevrem Grujić Home. We also continued our traditional cooperation with the Nušić Days Festival, International Children's Theatre Festival in the town of Zaječar, Zmaj Children's Games and Children's October Festival. Also held under our auspices were the exhibition entitled Serbian Artistic Heritage in Kosovo-Metohija in the organization of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the exhibition entitled 100 Women 100 Miniatures aimed at actively preserving traditional heritage in Serbia, with special encouragement for women to engage in handicraft.

The greatest music artists were presented to the domestic public within the cycle entitled Kolarac – Your Music World, in the framework of our Company’s long-standing cooperation with the Ilija Kolarac Endowment. We also helped the staging of the concert Music for Love and Peace in the World of the Naissus Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. As in the past few years, in the first term of the new school year, we presented primary school children with the selected titles for children by donating books to ten schools in Serbia.

“The Agreement is aimed at compensating for the lack of IT experts and key infrastructural and hardware resources not available to the institutions by engaging Telekom Srbija and the Mathematics Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. We shall also work together towards the development of various services which will bring culture closer to the citizens and through information and communications technology, familiarize the broadest audiences with the wealth of our culture, art and creativity”, Minister of Culture and Information Vladan Vukosavljević.

“The equipment presented by Telekom Srbija to the New Media Department and the award given to a student of this Department for the first time represent our great support for the activities of the Faculty of Fine Arts and is the example which many companies in Serbia may follow”, Dean of the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts Dimitrije Pecić.

"# Cultural Wednesday“

In order to support culture and its values through modern communication channels in an innovative way, Telekom Srbija introduced a special day on its mts Facebook profile – “Cultural Wednesday”. Every Wednesday, mts, by its original posts and photographs announces the distribution of awards and reminds the readers through its announcements of the facts and trivia related to the most important achievements of famous personages, institutions and projects that have immensely contributed to the sphere of culture in our country. Apart from this, mts dedicated some “Cultural Wednesdays” to our artists presenting their works from various spheres.

“Cultural Wednesday” was announced on 8 March, when our famous blogger ladies enjoyed a comical but touching play Famous Florence at the Atelje 212 theatre. The followers of the mts profile had an additional opportunity to win various awards, such as tickets for theatre plays, concerts, museums and other events, but also artwork created by Serbian artists. During the year, over 220 tickets for various cultural events have been distributed, along with 18 books about Serbia, Belgrade and our great scientist Nikola Tesla and 9 engravings by famous artists who have recorded successes both in the country and abroad during their careers, such as Milan Staševića Milica Žarković, Lidija Antanasijević, Vladimir Milanović and others.

“Cultural Wednesday” will continue to reward the loyal followers of the mts Facebook profile by tickets for current cultural events, books and works of art.

"Sports and young people“

Apart from investing in education, Telekom Srbija pays special heed to the development of sports spirit and teamwork among young people. Our Company was the first to recognize the values and efforts of the Movement for Women's Basketball - Marina Maljković, and supported the project of free basketball school for girls of primary school age. Cooperation with the Movement has been maintained since 2015. In 2017, it was broadened with the support for the issue of a guidebook entitled 250 Good Pieces of Advice – a Guidebook for the Coming of Age. The Guidebook includes advice relating to basketball and also socialization, education, and healthy lifestyle. Besides, it features motivational messages from sports legends, which is designed to encourage and inspire girls - basketball players.

Over the past two years, as many as 800 girls attended free basketball school in Belgrade and several towns across Serbia. Every day, the Movement attracts more and more girls who enter the world of sports by joining Marina's basketball school.

“In cooperation with our friends from Telekom Srbija, we have launched the project of gathering and publishing all the good advice which the Movement is passing on to our young basketball players. The basic idea was to assist them in many situations and challenges they face in basketball court, trainings and real life in order for them to become worthy and good persons and enjoy public esteem. We wish to encourage and inspire them and teach them true human values.” Founder of the Women's Basketball Movement Marina Maljković“.

The fourth Sports Gathering of the Holy Serbia event, organized by the Holy Serbia Orthodox Sports Society, has been held with the support from Telekom Srbija. The event aims to fillip the development of sports, togetherness, and family and traditional values. In May 2017, this organization rallied a large number of parents and children who had the opportunity to try their hand at numerous sports and take part in competitions.

"Awards and memberships“

The affirmation of socially responsible activities by both companies and the community at large is contributed to by the membership of many international and local organizations that promote this kind of business activities, and by the awards that bring media and broader public recognisability. Telekom Srbija is a member of the local office of the UN Global Accord promoting the Objectives of Sustainable Development within the 2030 Agenda and it takes part in the activities of the Social Responsibility Forum which rallies companies committed to the integration of social responsibility in the daily business practice. When it comes to awards, the Company is proud of its success reached in the course of 2017 because it received a string of recognitions which, apart from its good business performance, testify to its enviable results in the sphere of corporate social responsibility.

  • Telekom Srbija is the recipient of the Virtus award for long-term partnership with the non-profit industry for cooperation with the National Children's Line providing telephone counselling to children across Serbia. The National Children's Line (NADEL), phone number 116111, is a telephone counselling centre for children aimed at protecting them from potential risks and providing them with a better and safer coming of age. Through its engagement, Telekom Srbija ensured free phone support 365 days a year from all fixed and mobile lines. In addition, the Company also backed the set-up of a call centre for the Parent Line (ROLIN), intended for adults. For this cooperation that has spanned 11 years and that, apart from technical support, also implies direct donations, free phone traffic and media support, this award is yet another proof of the Company's commitment to making its own contribution, through partnerships with various organizations, to addressing important social issues.
  • "Tesla’s Time Machine, multi-media 4D screening whereby Telekom Srbija marked the 160th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla, is the winner of the Balcannes 2017 award for the best regional project at the tenth Weekend Media Festival in the town of Rovinj.
  • Pupin's Memorial Project, the partner project of the Mihajlo Pupin Education and Research Society and Telekom Srbija, has ranked among the top five projects, from a total of 349 projects, at the World Summit on the Information Society. This competition is aimed at promoting good practice in the use of information and communication technologies that contribute to the attainment of the recently agreed UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The Diplomacy & Commerce magazine has awarded Telekom Srbija the prize for sustainable development and contribution to the community for 2016, for its activities in the sphere of corporate social responsibility. The awards from the magazine were presented to mark the first anniversary of this publication released by Color Press Group in cooperation with the London-based magazine The Economist.
  • Telekom Srbija is also the recipient of the Business Partner 2017 award for the highest degree of social responsibility and care of the local community. The award is of a regional character and has been presented to companies in the organization of Mass Media International for 23 years now.

“Traditionally, Telekom Srbija has paid special attention to children and the respect for their rights. For this reason, we are extremely proud that our Company's commitment towards corporate social responsibility has been recognized once more. For 11 years now, we have successfully cooperated with the National Children's Line and we shall continue to lend substantial support with the same objective – to ensure that children's voice is heard, that their needs are adequately responded to and that the public awareness of child rights is raised”, Telekom Srbija PR Department Head Marija Bošković.

“The enormous task that Telekom Srbija has performed for decades with the aim of supporting the civil society through different activities may serve as an example for all those who wish to be socially responsible. When it comes to the services we provide to children, youngsters and families, we could say that these services may never have come to light had it not been for Telekom Srbija. A huge number of calls, which were addressed owing to the possibility for children and parents to call our services for free, enabled us to increase the safety of children and prevent violence many times so far”, Manager of the NADEL and Parent Line Programme Željka Burgund.