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Report on Corporate and Social Responsibility

Our Joint Objective – a Change for the Better! 


Since their establishment, Telekom Srbija and its subsidiaries have endeavoured to act as responsible and reliable partners of the communities which they operate in. When corporate social responsibility is part of the main corporate strategy and when the advancement of the entire society and positive changes at all levels are the aimed-for objectives, both for our employees and other citizens, the guidelines for taking action are very clear: a responsible approach to business, welfare of our employees and long-term projects aimed at engaging the community and providing for the well-being of the society as a whole.

As a reliable corporate stakeholder, Telekom Srbija strives to deal with its partners by strictly observing the principle of transparency and respect for the fundamental ethical principles, to achieve mutual success. Cooperation with business partners continually expands the customer network, notwithstanding the profit gained, while the Company invests efforts in sharing with them the corporate values deeply rooted into its business. These are primarily goal commitment, innovativeness and enthusiasm when seeking solutions.

Presence in the regional markets in the field of telecommunications helps to strengthen the ties with all of the Company stakeholders. As a company with the Functional Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility, Code of Corporate Management and Code of Ethics, in addition to the legally prescribed disclosure of financial statements, Telekom Srbija has clearly set guidelines in order to improve the adoption of "green initiatives", protect consumers, observe the anti-corruption principles and pursue social changes. Telekom Srbija is a member of the UN Global Compact and the Responsible Business Forum which bring together companies with a prominent strategy in the domain of social responsibility.

The results of such efforts were crowned by a series of awards, particularly the Business Partner Plus 2014 award, for the highest degree of social responsibility and care for the local community, as well as the recognitions such as the Best Business Partner 2014 as the best business partner, and the Danube Flower for the company’s contribution to the development of telecommunications in the region. Owing to these awards, the Company ranks among the most successful companies in all aspects.

Park Your Phone When Driving!

The Park Your Phone When Driving! campaign, launched by the Company in 2013, in cooperation with its partners - the Traffic Police Department of the Serbian Interior Ministry and the Serbian Traffic Safety Committee, continued in 2014 with a series of lectures – held in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Požarevac and Novi Sad – on the responsible use of cell phones while driving, for the purpose of demonstrating to high school students the dangers of driving while using a cell phone in any way.
The Park Your Phone When Driving! campaign was met with general public support, winning a number of awards: three awards of the Serbian Association for Market Communications  for the best non-profit campaign, best video clip and best digital communications in a campaign, the Power of Creativity award presented by the Taboo magazine for the best CSR project, the award for the best non-profit campaign and the World Tour prize at the AdEaters event, two awards of the Serbian Society for Public Relations for the best PR in integrated communications and the best socially responsible campaign, the My Choice prize for the best CSR by the My Serbia Association, as well as an award from the Auto Bild magazine in the same category. That the campaign has crossed Serbian borders is testified to by the fact that at the invitation of the Science and Industry Museum from Paris, the TV video clip for the Park Your Phone When Driving! campaign was presented at their exhibition on risk taking.

The public opinion poll showed that the campaign Park Your Phone When Driving! was very positively assessed. Of the total number of respondents, 70 percent were familiar with the campaign, and 40 percent had changed their habits behind the wheel, whether by opting for a hands-free device or by not using a cell phone while driving at all.

City Talking

By launching the City Talking project, through the innovative use of digital media, the Company primarily endeavoured to achieve a wider acceptance of contemporary forms of communication that offer a variety of opportunities in different fields. The project envisages the development of mobile applications for major cities in Serbia and the accompanying environmental units, in order to present, in a modern and easy fashion, their most significant cultural and historical sites. The applications were developed in cooperation with local partners, primarily tourist organizations that naturally tend to present city sites in a way that is more comprehensible for today's guests/visitors. The applications devoted to Belgrade and Novi Sad, including the accompanying units of Mt Avala and Petrovaradin, were followed by the Niš Talking application in 2014, while the Novi Sad guide was expanded to include a special route - Sremski Karlovci. Thereby, 65 new locations were added to the map of the City Talking project.

The application was translated into English and Russian, and it was specially promoted during the summer tourist season through a Facebook photo contest.

Health is the Greatest Wealth

The strategy of the Company is to aid healthcare institutions in a bid to ensure that as many citizens as possible benefit from corporate philanthropy. Thus, in 2014 four operating tables were purchased for the Clinic for Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation in Niš; the funds were also contributed to the Niš Clinical Centre for a computer system that improves work with patients of the Clinic for Children's Internal Diseases. During 2014, the Company provided its financial support to the Sveti Vračevi Special Hospital of Novi Kneževac, Pančevo General Hospital, Valjevo General Hospital, Vranje Health Centre, where the maternity ward was reconstructed, and the Leskovac General Hospital, which received a new bronchoscope and the necessary equipment for ECG. Earlier on, the Company had also provided a free IPTV service in the public areas of the Clinical Centre of Serbia, Zvezdara Clinical and Hospital Centre, University Children's Clinic in Tiršova St., Dr Vukan Čupić Institute for the Health Care of Mother and Child and Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology in Sokobanjska St., thus ensuring better quality and more comfortable accommodation of patients as their health condition improves.

Humanitarian Organizations of Employees

The Od Srca (From the Heart) humanitarian association, which gathers voluntary blood donors among employees and former employees of Telekom Srbija, operates within the Company. As the number of its members grew, the scope of its activities expanded, too: besides popularizing voluntary blood donation, the association is also engaged in promoting organ donation, environmental protection, and assistance to parentless children and persons with disabilities, and is committed to ensuring a change in habits as regards the preservation and use of natural resources.

To mark June 1, Telekom Srbija Day, the Od Srca Association staged the annual voluntary blood donation drive 1,000 Blood Donors across Serbia, collecting over 1,300 units of blood. Members of this association were also engaged in helping people affected by the floods seeing to it that large quantities of bottled water and food were delivered to the area of Obrenovac and Užice. They also delivered water supplies to the Poletarac kindergarten, as well as to their colleagues in Užice, wishing to make their contribution in the hardest of times.

Communication without Borders

In an effort to provide equal access to the Company services for all its customers, throughout 2014 the Company continued sign language training projects intended for employees in our outlets launched in 2013. The completion of training in Niš at the same time marked the completion of the entire project, in which a total of 85 employees of our outlets throughout Serbia took part.
The Company decided to present the schools for hearing-impaired children with interactive boards and equipment required for giving lectures in that manner, thus facilitating the acquisition of knowledge by hearing-impaired persons.

The sign language training project for employees in our outlets was launched in cooperation with the Serbian Association of Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Persons (UTLOSS). There are more than 50,000 persons with impaired hearing in Serbia, who use the sign language in everyday communication. They will be able to obtain the necessary information independently and without intermediaries in all the busier Company outlets in the country.

Professional Practice for Scholars

A workshop on the activities and services of Telekom Srbija marked the beginning of professional practice in the Company for the beneficiaries of the Young Talents Fund.

During the summer, professional practice was completed by six beneficiaries of the Fund, two of whom are engaged by the Company. This project is a result of the Cooperation Agreement that the Company signed with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia in July 2013. Based on the Agreement, in the next four years, ten eligible students of the Young Talents Fund will have an opportunity to do professional practice in the Company under the supervision of their mentors for a two-month period.

mt:s Android™ Competition

In June 2014, Telekom Srbija launched the fourth mt:s Android competition for the development of mobile applications intended for students of specialized classes of grammar schools that teach according to the curriculum for high schools of mathematics. Apart from the High School of Mathematics in Belgrade and the Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Grammar School in Novi Sad, whose students had already participated in the competition, this year the competition has been expanded to include the First Kragujevac Grammar School, the Bolyai Grammar School of Senta and the Valjevo Grammar School. Presentations of the competition were held in these schools during September, and the complete works were presented before the Telekom Srbija jury in December.

A visit to the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona was planned for the winning team, while tablets and smartphones were the second and third prizes. Furthermore, Telekom Srbija ensured that all the functional applications are placed on the Google application market for mobile devices, Google Play.
In the fourth m:ts Android competition, an additional category and innovation award were introduced entitled Power of Innovation - Igor Osmokrović, as a tribute to the late colleague who had made a great contribution to the development of this competition.

Support to Young Talents and Education

On the way to new discoveries, the support has traditionally been lent to young mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists - participants in numerous international competitions in several scientific disciplines. Long-term cooperation with the High School of Mathematics in Belgrade continued in the school year 2014/2015. This time too Telekom Srbija enabled students to participate in the Archimedes International Competition in Bucharest, Mathematics All-round Competition in Moscow, International Competition in Mathematics, Physics and Information Science in Kazakhstan and Euler Maths Olympiad in St. Petersburg, whence they returned with enviable results. Supported by the Company, students of the Svetozar Marković High School of Mathematics of Niš travelled to the International Maths Tournament of Towns. The Company’s support was not lacking either when it came to the organization of the Mathematics and Computer Science Camp in Šabac, and Mathematics Camp in the village of Tulba near Požarevac, which were also attended by the employees’ talented children.

In the course of 2014, the Company continued its participation in the Business Challenge project, organized by the Junior Achievement Serbia (NGO), by lending its support to the Western Balkans Business Challenge competition held in Sarajevo and implemented in cooperation with the colleagues from Mtel. Cooperation with the Junior Achievement brought the Company the Virtus Award in the category of long-term partnership between the business and non-profit sectors in 2013.
Thanks to a donation received from the Company and the Competition for the preparation of an architectural conceptual design of the library interior, won by a team of students, the library of the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, University of Belgrade, was completely refurbished and turned into a modern multimedia reading-room for employees and students.

For several years now, the Company has successfully cooperated with the ESTIEM and AIESEC student organizations through their local offices in Belgrade. This cooperation is maintained at scheduled annual events staged by these student organizations, Case Study Show, the Academy of Modern Management and Open IT, in which the Company employees participate voluntarily in an effort to impart to students through lectures the knowledge and experience gained in the business environment.

The Legacy of Mihajlo Pupin and Nikola Tesla

Back in 2013, Telekom Srbija was among the first to join the commemoration of the 160th anniversary of the birth of Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin, a brilliant scientist and a great patriot, and 90 years from his receiving the Pulitzer Prize for his autobiography entitled From Immigrant to Inventor.

The marking of the anniversary began with a presentation of the Mihajlo Pupin Virtual Museum and a virtual 3D presentation of his heritage complex in the village of Idvor. In this manner, together with the Mihajlo Pupin Research Society, we managed to present the rich legacy of the famous scientist to both the domestic and world public.

In addition, the Company awarded the best works in the literary competition held in cooperation with the Mihajlo Pupin Educational and Research Society and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, launched in elementary and high schools in Serbia. All works are to be found in the permanent exhibition of the Mihajlo Pupin Virtual Museum on the following website:

Wishing to honour the memory of another great scientist, the Company supported the Nikola Tesla Secret Connection Summit, organized to mark Nikola Tesla’s birth anniversary. That event, which brought together a number of distinguished lecturers from across the world, along with talented students from this country and abroad, dealt with topics that shed light on Tesla's contribution to the advancement of modern civilization in the areas of communications, telecommunications, energy, innovation, culture, art and philosophy of creativity, and to the development of environmental awareness and responsibility as an integral part of the industrial development of the global society.

Support for Projects in the Field of Culture

Telekom Srbija strategically aids culture and art projects, in view of the fact that broad institutional and continuous support is required for superior achievements in those fields. For years now, the Company has been cooperating with the Kolarac Endowment, a cultural institution of national importance, on the The Great Music Performers program, within which they presented the most important performers of classical music from around the world. In 2014, cooperation was expanded to include the joint project entitled From a Child to a Great Artist. Within this cooperation the programme of music workshops for children aged 5-12, entitled Knock Knock Kolarac, was successfully implemented. The workshop was attended by youngsters temporarily housed in the Obrenovac barracks, students of the Vuk Karadžić elementary school from Belgrade, children of the Dragutin Filipović Jusa Home for Children and Youth, children of the Telekom Srbija employees, youngsters of Lazarevac, and other preschool and elementary school students who had the opportunity to create, using construction tools, tones that later grew into a piece of music and a veritable little concert.

In autumn, a competition was staged for the preparation of scientific papers and a series of lectures was organized for high school and university students within the From a Child to a Great Artist project.

The company traditionally supports the Nušić Days cultural event in Smederevo, and last year it was among the first to join the project for the refurbishment of the Boško Buha children's theatre, providing funds for the purchase of new seats for the Great Hall. It also supported the exhibition entitled the Hidden Treasure of Jevrem Grujić’s House, which shows the restored art collection from the legacy of this great man. 

Along with the support for the traditional values, the Company strives to keep abreast of modern trends, too. The projects we supported include the Belgrade International Architecture Week - BINA 2014, Children's October Salon, EyE of Serbia, an exhibition dedicated to Olga Jevrić at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad, and the American Pop Art exhibition, where the audiences had an opportunity to see a collection of prints of the most famous American pop art representatives.
Telekom Srbija facilitated the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra’s grand tour of America. This visit was immortalized with the exhibition entitled Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra: an American Story, staged in the new building of the Yugoslav Film Archives.

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Through cooperation of Telekom Srbija with the Holy Serbia Orthodox Sports Society, successful results were achieved in the development of children in different sports disciplines. Holy Serbia currently gathers three hundred children and has teams for basketball, football, volleyball and hiking. Through free mentoring and influencing the physical and spiritual development of children its founders want to create a strong alternative to increasing challenges faced by the children in the modern age.

With the aim of developing a feeling of fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork in young people, the Company organized sports days in Belgrade, Kraljevo and Niš within the promotion of the Pitch social network, where young people had the opportunity to practice various sports activities throughout the day. In addition, the Company employees used their visit to Kraljevo and Niš to provide additional contribution to the development of recreational and amateur sports - renovation of the gymnasium at the IV Kraljevački Bataljon elementary school in Kraljevo and the purchase of sports equipment for the 14 October special school in Niš, will create conditions for better quality sports practice among the children who may produce new champions.

Environmental Protection

The strategy of socially responsible operations is a relevant part of the corporate strategy of the Company, aimed at establishing a balance between achieving economic interests, social development, environmental protection and the preservation of natural resources. We believe that it is the duty of all, particularly major business corporations, not only to make their contribution to the society, but also to use resources in a responsible, conscientious and wise manner, invest in sustainable development and thus repay their debt to society and the community. Accordingly, Telekom Srbija, as an active and responsible member of society, observes the law and ethical principles generally accepted in conducting business operations and discards and condemns illegal and unbecoming behaviour as a means to achieve business goals, which it pursues exclusively with the quality of its products and services. The Company keeps the market, suppliers and the public informed about the activities of the Company, observing fair competition, because it believes this to be in its own interest and in the interest of its customers and capital owners.

The Company undertakes measures to protect the environment by adopting environmentally-oriented technologies and methods with the aim of reducing negative impacts on the environment. While conducting its activities, it takes into account environmental aspects, such as rational energy consumption, prevention of waste generation, proper waste disposal and recycling. By investing and applying state-of-the-art telecommunications technology the Company contributes to the implementation of clean technologies and technologies consuming less energy as compared to those used over the past decades. The Company invests in the projected urban and rural development, takes part in the construction of health care wards, service facilities and other forms of infrastructure and supports sustainable development in order to improve the citizen’s quality of life and increase the number of donation beneficiaries.  

The Company generates various kinds of waste, which is properly removed according to legal regulations. The Company has concluded contracts on the purchase of hazardous and non-hazardous waste with companies authorized for such activities. During 2014, 240t of waste were handed over, of which 80t of hazardous and 160t of non-hazardous waste. Radioactive waste is regularly handed over to the JP Nuklearni objekti Srbije (PE Nuclear Facilities of Serbia), which is the only company permitted to take over this kind of waste. In 2014, 246 radioactive ionization smoke detectors were handed over for permanent storage.

The noise emitted into the environment mainly originates from the chillers of air-conditioners. In the course of 2014, the permitted noise level was not exceeded.

The emissions of air pollutants (smoke gases produced by combustion in the boiler rooms) were measured regularly and the allowed values were not exceeded.

The electromagnetic radiation emitted into the environment mainly originates from radio base stations in mobile telephony. Before installing a base station, a Study of Environmental Impact Assessment is prepared, listing all technical data and protection measures for that particular base station. Upon approval of the Study of Environmental Impact Assessment, the base station is put into operation. According to the Law on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, measurements of the electromagnetic radiation level of the radio base stations are conducted every two years. So far, the permitted radiation levels have not been exceeded. During 2014, measurements of the levels of non-ionizing radiation were conducted at 750 base stations, of which 23 base stations were declared radiation sources of special interest (depending on the site where they are located), and for them the measurements are prescribed every 2 years.

The supply of 200 boxes for the disposal of waste office paper was completed and currently underway is the mounting of these boxes inside the office buildings. In this manner, the waste paper will be collected and it will not end up as communal waste.

In 2014, the Company was registered with the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of BiH. In accordance with its obligations to the Fund, an agreement was concluded on the transfer of obligations related to the management and disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment with a firm that collects and recycles waste electrical and electronic products placed in the market of the Federation of BiH through the Company's points of sale or otherwise.

During the year, public debates were organized where citizens were presented information and legal regulations on base stations radiation, i.e. the fact that the construction of these facilities is in accordance with the norms prescribed by the Law on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.