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Report on Corporate and Social Responsibility

The customer is at the centre, the community is the driver 


In accordance with the main commitment of the Company to enrich customer experience by an offer of services based on modern technologies, the promotion of positive and safe ways of using these services was at the centre of socially responsible activities last year. This role, started by a very successful initiative aimed at raising awareness of the proper use of mobile phones while driving entitled “Park your phone while driving!”, was enlarged in 2015 by an educational campaign dubbed “You choose how you communicate” in which the customers are advised on how to reduce exposure to the impact of electromagnetic radiation as the inevitable result of using mobile technologies.

Fostering a responsible attitude toward each individual user of its services, Telekom Srbija also remains loyal to its role of a reliable corporate partner to a wider community in which it operates. Thus, only in the previous year the Company supported 78 projects in the local community, most of which were in the sphere of education and health care, which is in accordance with the research projects which are being implemented and which show that it is exactly in these spheres that the citizens expect the Company’s greatest engagement. By creating a network of reliable and responsible partners, the Company is always concerned with an equally distributed development, and since it operates in the entire region, it has to be especially sensitive to an equal treatment of local communities when it comes to improving the living conditions and creating preconditions for their further progress.

The socially responsible operations of the Company, as envisaged by the strategic documents for the period up to 2016, relies on the guidelines of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the United Nations Global Compact. In this context, Telekom Srbija committedly launches and supports the initiatives directed at improving its own operations, and the operations of its partners, in the fields of consumer protection, respect for anti-corruption principles and the protection of the environment. The Company also promotes the values which it stands for and its activities in this field by means of a network of partner organizations gathered around the CSR Forum – the leading local association dedicated to the promotion of good practice in the business sector.

Park Your Phone When Driving!

According to the research taken by the GfK agency at the end of 2015, Telekom Srbija tops the list of the socially responsible companies in Serbia. The reason for this are certainly the results of the campaign “Park your phone while driving!” which 50% of the citizens, two years after its launching, recognizes at the first mention, and which has, along with other projects, brought the company the National Award for socially responsible operations granted by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in the category of large and medium-sized companies in April 2015.
Within the campaign “Park your phone while driving!” Telekom Srbija developed an Android application intended for drivers, primarily young people who are the most frequent users of smart phones, and who are at the same time the riskiest category of drivers. In cooperation with the Traffic Police Department of the Serbian Interior Ministry and the Serbian Traffic Safety Committee, the Company wanted to in this way additionally attract attention to the safe use of mobile phones during driving, and to enable smart phone users to use their mobile phones in yet another responsible way. 

You choose how you communicate

Telekom Srbija, in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Belgrade University and under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, launched a socially responsible campaign dubbed “You choose how you communicate”, in which mobile telephony users are advised on how to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
For the needs of the campaign, a microsite was launched on which, apart from the advice on the proper use of mobile devices, there is basic information about the sources of electromagnetic radiation, the manner of functioning of mobile networks and the legal framework in this sphere. In Serbia there are more than 10 million mobile telephony users and the main idea of the campaign is to get them acquainted with the how the mobile network functions and teach them how to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation as the inevitable consequence of using mobile devices. Since contemporary life cannot be imagined without many devices that operate with the help of electromagnetic waves, including mobile phones, the aim of the project is acquainting the public with the sources of electromagnetic radiation, and ways to reduce it by the proper use of the devices themselves.
By this project Telekom Srbija actually continues to educate its users, trying to raise their awareness of responsible use of the devices and services that the Company offers. The visitors of the microsite can get information about the additional measures that the Company undertakes in this sphere taking into account the protection of the environment and all legal regulations. The website also contains the main results of the research project “Lexnet”, organized under the auspices of the European Union, and in whose work representatives of Telekom Srbija and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering took part. 

City Talking

The long-term project “City talking” was launched two years ago with the main idea to encourage local self-governments and city tourism organizations to use modern technologies in order to present their city and its cultural and historical heritage to possible visitors in a modern and innovative way.
As a Company that offers a wide range of telecommunications services, and as a reliable partner in the local community, Telekom Srbija launched this project so that visitors of the larger cities in Serbia would have a faster and more interesting access to their sights and monuments. Thus, the Company developed mobile applications that in a very attractive way present the most important cultural and historical monuments of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci and Niš. In 2015, Telekom Srbija, in cooperation with the City Tourism Organization of Kragujevac, developed the application “Kragujevac talking”, by which this old Serbian capital was placed on the “City talking”   map with 40 historical sights presented in an eventful and entertaining way. On the other hand, the Belgrade application was enriched by the new route “Belgrade underneath Belgrade” which contains ten new, underground locations that are becoming more and more interesting to local and foreign visitors. 
All the applications within this project are available in the Serbian and English language for the Android and iOS platforms. Since the launch of the first application “Belgrade talking”, in July 2013, all the applications together have been downloaded almost 60,000 times.

Fifth mts Android™ competition

The fifth mts Android competition for the creation of applications for mobile devices in the Android operating system was launched in June 2015. Since its founding in 2011, the success of the competition has increased and it can be measured by the enthusiasm and interest of the students, and an increasing number of quality and innovative applications. The mts Android competition is intended for students of high schools that follow a curriculum created for talents in the sphere of mathematics and includes six high schools in Serbia – the Mathematical High School in Belgrade, the Jovan Jovanović Zmaj High School in Novi Sad, the First Kragujevac High School, the Valjevo High School, the Bolyai High School in Senta and the Svetozar Marković High School in Niš.
With the development of entrepreneurial abilities, a special motive for the participation of students in the competitions are certainly the awards. Apart from a journey to Barcelona and visit to the World Mobile Congress for the first-ranked team and tablet computers and mobile phones for the second and third-ranked team, a special award entitled “The Power of Innovation – Igor Osmokrović” is granted for special innovativeness in the creation of applications.
For the purpose of improving the classes and the process of knowledge acquisition, the schools that took part in the competition were donated funds for equipping the classrooms with the information and communication equipment. The mts Android competition project was included in the selection of the prestigious European CSR organization, CSR Europe.

Support for the foundation of the Start IT Centre

The SEE ICT organization is one of the most active ones in the promotion of entrepreneurship in the industry of information and communication technologies, through the launch of various programs and projects, thus creating a stimulating environment for the development of a startup community and culture in Serbia. The Company became their first partner in the launching of the STARTIT centre, a new space that will gather experts in the sphere of technology and design, entrepreneurs and innovators who wish to start a local business in the sphere of technologies with a global perspective.
Apart from the co-working part of the centre in which some 50 local start-ups will permanently reside, it is envisaged to almost daily organize various educational programs and conferences at the centre which will help entrepreneurs successfully find investments for their business and then adequately offer it on the market, both local and international.
Telekom Srbija supported the centre by allocating funds for the refurbishing of space that was assigned to the SEE ICT organization by the Savski Venac municipality, and by the in-kind donation of services of Internet access and fixed telephony. It is, however, conceived only as a framework for a much closer cooperation in the development of programs for each of the partners by an exchange of tutorial and consultant services, and for the launching of joint projects in this sphere.

Mihajlo Pupin, the reality that obligates us

On the occasion of marking the 80th anniversary of Mihajlo Pupin's death and one century since the filing of his patents that are considered most important in the sphere of telecommunications, the Company continues to implement activities for the purpose of popularization of the character and work of the great scientist. After support for the creation of the Mihajlo Pupin virtual museum and a 3D website by means of which one can visit his Hometown Complex in Idvor, and a great competition on Pupin in which elementary and high school students took place, Telekom Srbija joined the organization of a great interactive exhibition “Pupin – from physical to spiritual reality”, set up at the Historical Museum of Serbia. This is yet another project implemented in cooperation with the Educational and Research Society “Mihajlo Pupin”, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information.
The unique exhibition showed the most comprehensive overview of the life and work of the great scientist, and the visitors could get acquainted with a number of facts about the private life of Mihajlo Pupin, and the so far unknown archive material with a large number of documents such as the secret file of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which was presented to the Serbian and the international public for the first time. What made the exhibition special is the use of technology of augmented reality and spatial installations which allowed the audience to step into Pupin's world by means of sound and image. For the first time in museology, the interactive AR glasses were used.
Children, for whom school visits were also organized, were the ones who enjoyed the great Pupin exhibition most. Children from schools and day care centres in Serbia had the chance to become acquainted with Pupin's work at the Malo Pozorište Duško Radović children's theater. The theater season 2015 was marked by screening a short educational film about the great scientist, which was shown before each play, and which is Telekom Srbija's gift to the youngest generations.

Nikola Tesla Virtual Museum

After the Mihajlo Pupin Virtual Museum, the Company, in cooperation with the “Tesla Global Forum” association launched yet another unique web portal dedicated to our famous scientist and inventor without whom the contemporary world of telecommunications would not exist – the great Nikola Tesla. What makes this Virtual Museum different from other forums, institutions and museums dealing with the character and work of this great man, is the reliability and accuracy of all information about Tesla and the exclusive content about his works that also reveal his peace-loving, ecological and philanthropic thought that has often been insufficiently analysed and emphasized.
The Nikola Tesla Virtual Museum is designed as a comprehensive guide through Tesla's life and heritage. This unique online platform shows Tesla's network, as an overview of all associations throughout the world that deal with his work. The thoughts of many Nobel Prize winners, academicians, the experts of UNESCO, Mensa, the scientific community and the civil society about Tesla are now available in one place. 
With the support of the Company, the scientific directors of the Tesla Global Forum, with the help of numerous associates, from experts to students of electrical engineering, will continue to develop and improve the Nikola Tesla Virtual Museum. The museum can be visited at the website, and is characterized by a simple language, easy navigation and elegant design.

Support for education

As a big national company, Telekom Srbija develops and fosters strong ties with its users and the community where it operates. Young and educated people represent a very important element in the progress of the society ad having this in mind, we try to support the organizations and projects that share the same values and allow pupils and students to acquire knowledge and experience that they will be able to use later in their career in an easier and more successful way. 
The Company continuously invests in official education by providing funds for the procurement of IT equipment in order to improve classes at schools. The Company has successfully cooperated with the Mathematical High School in Belgrade since 2010. Apart from the participation of its students in the mts Android competition, the cooperation is also reflected in the support for the preparation and participation of students in the international competitions in mathematics, physics and information science. Telekom Srbija provided its support to the Regional Centre for Young Talents that awards talented students, award-winners from various scientific disciplines at world championships, regional competitions and in the sphere of research projects. Since support to unofficial forms of education is equally important, mathematical camps whose organization the Company also supports are active during the summer.
When it comes to high school students, Telekom Srbija tries to encourage young people to think as future entrepreneurs by setting up inspirational tasks for teams participating in the Business Challenge program of the Youth Achievements organization. As a responsible company, the Company tries to allow all students equal conditions for the development and acquisition of knowledge, so that for this purpose, funds were donated for the procurement of a digital speech therapy set for the needs of the elementary school for children with disabilities “Radivoj Popović” in Zemun.

Building of the Mokra Gora School of Management Campus

Support for education involves investments into the construction of institutions which will pass on to the next generations. The efforts to help future generations and improve the schooling of new generations, in this case Serbian managers, was implemented by the Company by participation in the project of building the Campus of the Mokra Gora School of Management.
With a significant donation of Telekom Srbija and the benefaction of Emir Kusturica, who assigned the land for the building of the facility to the Mokra Gora School of Management, without compensation, for a period of 25 years, works on the project started in September 2015. It is envisaged that after the construction of the Campus, in April 2016, the students of the Mokra Gora School of Management and participants of the forum will be able to use the amphitheatre “Mihailo Pupin – Telekom Srbija”, three working classrooms, a library and the accompanying content, on a total of 450 square meters.

Cooperation with student organizations

By cooperation with student organizations, the Company contributes to the improvement of education, with a belief that in an unofficial way, without strict limitations and frameworks, it can successfully contribute to the spreading of knowledge and by such build-up achieve real results. 
A good indicator of students' interest in the acquisition of knowledge in the field of innovative business ideas and business start-ups are the events of student organizations – Start Up Your Future and Open IT, organized by AIESEC, as well as the Case Study Show and the Modern Management Academy organized by ESTIEM, on the topic of entrepreneurship. The lectures and workshops also present a chance for the experts of Telekom Srbija to become additionally acquainted with the stands and the way of thinking of students and future colleagues.

Support to health care and investments in the community

Telekom Srbija tries to be a responsible partner of the community and provide help and support to those who need it most. Special attention is dedicated to health care and improving hospital conditions. In 2015, funds were earmarked for the painting of three big General Hospitals in Kladovo, Aranđelovac and Loznica, and for testing hearing in newborns at the General Hospital in Subotica. The Operational Block of the Dentistry Clinic in Niš was equipped with a diode laser with the accompanying equipment, the City Institute for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis received the equipment for quick diagnostics, while the Special Hospital for Thyroid Gland and Metabolism Diseases Zlatibor was equipped with the equipment for a more efficient diagnosing of cardiovascular diseases. Funds for improving treatment conditions were granted to Health Care Centres in Prokuplje and Leskovac.
The Company contributed to the reconstruction of the University Children’s Clinic in Tiršova street and the procurement of a new entrance door by participation in the humanitarian race “Cord Charity Masters” within the 28th Belgrade Marathon. Forty of our employees took part in the Satisfaction Race, promoting healthy life styles and thus contributing to the humanitarian campaign.
Within the framework of social protection, a summer holiday was provided for the inmates of the Children's Village from Kraljevo and the Home for Children with Special Needs „Veternik“, children with disabilities aided by the humanitarian organization “Heart for Children”, and cancer-stricken children, under the auspices of the humanitarian organization “Friend in Need”. Thanks to the support of the Company, living conditions were improved at the Institution for Children and Youth Sremčica, and in several Centres for Social Work and Foster Family Accommodation in Belgrade, Svrljig and Miloševac. In Leskovac, aid was provided for equipping the Shelter for Women and Children Victims of Violence, which provides accommodation and food, legal and psychosocial support to victims of family violence from this region.

Activities of the "From the Heart" association

Taking care of the employees and the social community represents the main aim of the humanitarian association of employees in Telekom Srbija entitled “From the Heart”. The association gathers more than 1,000 voluntary blood donors among the employees in the Company and pensioners, with a wish to allow those who really need to benefit from its humanitarian work.
Apart from blood donation, the Association also tries to contribute to education related to organ donation, help for disabled persons, the socially vulnerable and the poor and children without parents, and raising the citizens' awareness regarding the protection and preservation of the environment and popularization of a healthy life style.
On the occasion of Telekom Srbija Day, the Association traditionally organizes a voluntary blood donation campaign in cooperation with the Military Medical Academy and the Transfusion Institute of the Republic of Serbia. The campaigns are also organized in Belgrade, Niš, Kragujevac, Subotica, Požarevac, Vranje, Čačak, Bujanovac, Zaječar, Pirot, Kruševac, Jastrebac, Užice, Šabac, Valjevo and Pančevo during the summer period when the need for blood units is greater. Last year, more than 1,200 blood units were collected.

By a project in the sphere of ecology, “Schoolyard Planning”, the Company and the Association delighted children in small rural schools throughout the country.

Investments in culture

In accordance with its commitment to continuously support culture and education, Telekom Srbija continues to invest in cultural and educational values and institutions that foster these values. During 2015, over 700 books were donated to libraries that suffered a great damage to the book fund during the floods. New books were granted to the library “Dr Vićentije Rakić” in Paraćin, the Resavska Library in Svilajnac and the Cultural Centre Library in Kladovo. Apart from this, books were donated to two elementary schools in Kosovo, the elementary school “Veljko Dugošević” in Ranilug and the elementary school “Šarski odred” in the village of Sevce, in the municipality of Štrpce.
In the project entitled “Foster the Serbian Language” the Company saw the chance to as a big national company contribute to raising awareness of the importance and the need to preserve the Serbian language. The Company also supported the holding of the exhibition entitled “Four Centuries of the House of Romanov”, set up in the crypt of the St. Sava Temple, while some traditional events such as Nušić's Days, the Vukov Sabor festival, the Antika festival, a theatre festival for children in Zaječar, and the Children's October Salon maintained their continuity thanks to the support of Telekom Srbija.
In cooperation with the Photographers Association, the Company continued the implementation of the project “The Eye of Serbia”. This time the chance to discover new aspects of the cities through the objective of a camera was given to young people in Belgrade and Bor. The forty most successful works were displayed at the final exhibition held at the Cultural Institution “Parobrod” in Belgrade, while the exhibition was then moved to Bor.
Relying on the long-term support of Telekom Srbija and mts, the new concert season of the Kolarac Endowment was inspired by the new slogan of the brand and entitled “Kolarac – Your World of Music”. Once again the audience could enjoy the concerts of some of the most famous soloists and world renowned ensembles. An exceptional music performance was seen at the concert conducted by Zubin Mehta.

Development of a sports spirit among young people

Since young people are at the centre of Telekom Srbija's activities in the sphere of social responsibility, the Company actively supported the successful implementation of the project “One Team – Learning2Play”, for the purpose of developing a sports and team spirit among young people and accepting mutual differences. The project was initiated by the BC Red Star Telekom within the Euroleague in cooperation with the Serbian Special Olympics.
The aim of the project was to allow the young people with disabilities, through sports and activities with their peers from regular elementary schools, to better adjust to everyday life, and to improve their knowledge from mathematics, Serbian and English. The project recorded a huge success and was declared the best project in the competition of socially responsible projects of all clubs in Europe by the Euroleague. For Telekom Srbija, this is the second recognition by the Euroleague, because the Company's previous project “One Team”, in 2013, won a recognition as the best example of work and partnership.
The Company’s support for the sports and team spirit and cooperation among young people was reflected in continued cooperation with the Orthodox Sports Association “Holy Serbia”. In 2015, numerous sports activities and events were organized and the top event was the second “Sports Festival of Holy Serbia”.  The project turned into an important sports event in the capital and gathered 2,000 participants.

Protection of the environment

The task of us all, and especially the big corporations, is not only to give our contribution to the society, but also to responsibly, conscientiously and intelligently use the resources, invest in sustainable development and in this way return our debt to the society and community. In accordance with this, Telekom Srbija and its subsidiaries, as active and responsible members of the society, respect the law and ethical principles that are generally accepted in business operations and reject and condemn the means of illegal and inappropriate behavior to achieve business objectives, which can be only achieved by the quality of products and services. When the external public is in question, Telekom Srbija and its subsidiaries ensure that the market, its suppliers and the public be informed about the activities of the Company respecting fair competition, because it is in the interest of both the company and its users and the capital owners. 
Telekom Srbija undertakes measures for the protection of the environment by adopting ecologically oriented technologies and methods with an aim to reduce the negative impact on the environment. During the performance of its activities, the company takes care of the aspects of environmental protection, such as the rational consumption of energy, prevention of waste, proper disposal of waste and its recycling. By investing and installing the most up to date telecommunications technology, the Company contributes to the implementation of clean technologies and technologies that consume less energy compared with the equipment used in previous decades.
Telekom Srbija generates various kinds of waste which is properly removed according to legal regulations. The Company has concluded contracts for the purchase of hazardous and non-hazardous waste with the companies authorized for such activities. During 2015, a total of 1,295 tons of waste were handed over, of which 261 tons of hazardous and 1,034 tons of non-hazardous waste. The radioactive waste is regularly delivered to the PE Nuclear Facilities of Serbia, which is the only authorized company for the takeover of this kind of waste. In 2015, 660 radioactive ionizing smoke detectors were handed over for permanent disposal.
The noise emitted into the environment mostly comes from the air conditioning chillers installed in the Company's facilities. If it is suspected that the level of the noise emitted into the environment is higher than the legally prescribed values, measurements are conducted. In 2015, noise was measured in 6 locations and the allowed noise level was not exceeded. The emission of pollutants into the air (smoke gases as the product of combustion in boiler-rooms) was regularly measured and the permitted values were not exceeded.
The electromagnetic radiation emitted into the environment mostly originates from mobile telephony radio-base stations. Before the installation of a base station, a Study of the assessed impact on the environment is done which contains all technical details and protection measures for this particular base station. Upon the approval of the Study of the assessed impact on the environment, the base station is launched into operation. There are regulations and standards that regulate the permitted level of radiation. Before the first launching into operation, the Company measures the level of radiation, and if there is a complaint against the level of radiation by third parties, a separate institution is engaged to measure the level of radiation. According to the Law on protection from non-ionizing radiation, the measuring of the level of electromagnetic radiation of radio-base stations is performed every two years. The Company has not exceeded the permitted level of radiation so far. In 2015, measurements of the level of non-ionizing radiation were conducted on 716 base stations, in 369 locations, so that there is a total of 49 base stations declared as sources of radiation of special interest (depending on their location) and which are to be controlled every 2 years.

The new user brand represents the ideal of the community which spreads and multiplies, and the services which grow, thus helping the community to advance.

The so created new visual identity and the motto Your World reflect our intention of shifting the focus from our services to you and your needs, with a redesign that follows the trends dictated by the market activity which we pursue.